Louise and Martin, Port Talbot

It was a privilege being asked to capture Louise and Martins special day at Blancos, Port Talbot. Being related to Louise, I knew only too well how very creative she is and how she loves everything to be organised and perfect...(no pressure Louise!). It was such a relief to find out that she loved the photographs from their amazingday, and I loved every moment.

(Check out Louise's business page on Facebook - Frankie Loves Frills)

Here's Louise's story:

"Leap year? Just another day of the year to contend with or the chance to be a control freak?

I grabbed the opportunity to be a control freak with both hands! 4 years ago I proposed to Martin - I don't know if you were suppose to actually propose on February 29th but I decided as long as it was in February it would be fine.

I proposed in a Thin Lizzy concert in Bristol in 2012 when they played Dancing in the Moonlight (which later became our first dance). A song that always makes me think of him - that one line 'it's 3 o'clock in the morning and I'm on the street again, disobeyed another warning I should have been in by 10'.

Fast forward 2 years whilst on holiday we decided we should bite the bullet and set a date. Take it from me you're never going to have the right amount of money, the timing is never going to be perfect and I've learnt you're never going to please everyone so just do it.

We booked the big day in October for the following September (2015). It was time to get planning. I purchased my dress from Alison Jayne, Swansea. I did the obligatory trying on of lots of dresses, even the big puffy one that you'd never be able to walk in let alone fit in a toilet cubicle with a passing bridesmaid for assistance!

Then I found it 'The One', I didn't let on at first but I just felt it was me, it was something a bit different. I tried on a few more just to be sure, I think the shop assistant thought I was mental when i told her 'I don't want to look like a lady'. At five foot ten and 13 stone I was never going to look like a little princess. I wanted something that would be that little different and I had it. I know it probably wasn't to everyone's taste, and it wasn't black and paired up with a pair of boots so what i saw looking back at me in the mirror took some getting use to on my part, but in my eyes it was beautiful.

Most of the other arrangements were pretty straight forward - We knew we wanted somewhere local so we decided on Blancos, not too much fuss with transport - so I settled for one car to ferry the entourage of bridesmaids. I knew I wanted to do my own invitations, cake and most of the table decorations - basically I wanted to be in charge of everything (see I told you control freak)!

The other thing I didn't need to think twice about was the photographer. I had seen a number of weddings that Jon had done and the pictures were so natural, they were beautiful. I knew he was the

one! Well not 'the one', that bit was already sorted, and I didn't particularly want to do time for bigamy, for me orange is definitely not the new black.

The lead up to the wedding was pretty stress free, there were the odd moments but nothing out of the ordinary. The day before the wedding I was an absolute mess, I cried pretty much most of the day. Not because i didn't want to get married, I just think the build of the previous few months hit me like an Eddie Stobart truck hurtling down the M4. But by the evening it had passed and by the time i left my house for the last time as Miss King I had that pre-wedding glow.

We honestly could not have asked for a better day, the sun was shining, the service was perfect, the food, the drinks, the entertainment, we couldn't have asked for more - Wales even beat England in the rugby! There was only one small hitch - the car didn't turn up to ferry the entourage or even the bride - but with the help of friends and family we all made it on time. if I'd had to catch the number 227 I wouldn't have batted an eyelid, it just added to the memories of the day.

All in all we had a wonderful wedding and are now proud to be Mr & Mrs McAndrew."

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